Event Photography? Not for me….

Hall of Fame

I don’t see how event photographers do it… I guess I’m just wired in the way that I want to be able to control all aspects of a shot I’m doing…without interruption….and not having an ungodly amount of people and distractions in the way of my shots.

My dad, who served proudly in the United States Army for 30 years (retiring as a Colonel in 1992), was inducted into the Quartermaster Hall of Fame this month at Fort Lee, Virginia. It was an outstanding achievement, and something to be very proud of.  From the Hall of Fame website:

The Quartermaster Hall of Fame Program recognizes retired military and civilians who have made lasting, significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps. Their exceptional contributions also serve to foster Regimental esprit and to perpetuate the history of the Quartermaster Corps. The Hall of Fame program reminds all Quartermasters of their proud heritage and provides sterling examples of Quartermasters “Supporting Victory”.

As I was saying….I don’t see how event photographers do it. I’m trying to get some shots and people are everywhere….walking into the frame, cluttering the background, foreground, etc.

Col. (ret) Clinton Hodder A.K.A. “Dad” A.K.A. “Pop Pop” to the grandchildren

I did manage to snap off a few shots. This one was my favorite.

You can literally see the pride in his face as he stood posing for pictures. Of course the 30 people in the background didn’t add much to the shot….(Strike that….they added too much to the shot).

I guess maybe that’s what event photographers go for…they try to capture the essence of the event. What good would an event look if the event photographer isolated that subject away from everyone else? Would you go to an annual parade or celebration if looking at photos of the events of years past looked like it was lifeless? Probably not. You want to be able to look at those photos and see the energy and emotions. You want to look at those event photos and swear out loud saying “Damn! I’m going to that!”.

I was swearing (in my mind)…but they were more along the lines of “get the **** out of the way!”, “hey you! move your ***!”….I wonder if those are some of the same thoughts that go through the minds of event photographers. 🙂

In any case, it wasn’t practical for me to walk around with a big softbox/umbrella on a monopod or lightstand while trying to chase down my parents and get some photos. I resorted to hand holding my flash with my left hand, and snapping shots with my right. The weather was going back and forth from cloudy to sunny, so that was a bit of an annoyance. the hard and harsh shadows from a bare flash didn’t help any either.

All in all, I got a couple shots, and my parents are happy…and that’s what matters.

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