Office to Corporate Cave

In the flicker of light

I’m an I.T. guy….and power outages are not my friend…

I work in a two story office building. You may think that’s nothing out of the ordinary (and probably small in comparison to these multi-story, neck-breaking skyscrapers you see in the city with hundreds of windows), but then picture a two story building with only one window. Yeah…our building is a cyclops. That’s it. It makes for an isolated feel to the building. A “corporate cave”. Stepping outside is like coming out of a bunker into the blinding light, holding your hand over your forehead to shield your eyes from the cornea-scorching sun.

Now imagine this office building brightly lit with its eye fatiguing, migraine-inducing fluorescent lights….everyone is going about their daily business, and then the lights flicker a bit….



The power company stated it may take a few hours to get restored.  We weren’t given the go-ahead to go home either. Oh sure we could go outside where there’s light, but then we’d be standing around in the blistering heat. So, we did the only logical thing….

We sat around in the dark. Yep….we are corporate cavemen. 🙂

Corporate Cave

A lack of light isn’t going to stop me from a photo opportunity.

I’ll be the first one to reach for a speedlite to provide some light for a photo. Who wants dark, underexposed shots? I do…when the image calls for it 🙂 Letting those shadows creep in, sucking up the light like a black hole.  It can give an image a veil of  mystery. Thankfully I’ve got my own portable black hole, my trusty Canon 50L, and light cannot escape it. It’s like a tug of war with light, and the 50L is great at making low light situations its b*tch.

There’s a bit of mystery to this image. What was going on? What were they talking about? Then I tell you the guys were talking about sports and babies since one of them just became a dad, and one of the others is about to be… I shed some “light” on the image, and now it isn’t that intriguing anymore is it? 😉

So that wraps up my experience for the day. But for anyone wondering, this was shot at f/1.2, ISO 200, 1/15s shutter speed (hand-held). The back-lighting is coming from the kitchen window mentioned earlier.

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