Zack Arias – Photography Q&A

Zack Arias – Photography Q&A

Zack Arias

Is the reason I started doing off-camera flash. His approach, and teaching style from his OneLight video makes it so even a caveman (read previous post below) can do it. 😉

I just finished reading his book, Photography Q&A – Real Questions, Real Answers and found it very insightful and informative. I’m not one to usually do a review on a book, but I thought I needed to voice it for this one.

This book is a collection of over 100 questions you and I, or anyone in general (in the photography world) may have wanted to ask when it comes to photography. Zack tends to tell it like it is, without sugar coating anything. If it’s crap, he’ll tell you it’s crap.

He does a great job of breaking it down and speaks from his own personal experiences. Feel like a fraud? So does Zack…Hit rock bottom with your creativity? Zack’s been there…Too much G.A.S. (Gear Aquisition Syndrome), and the debt to go with it? Zack’s got a personal story for that too.

In this Q&A, he covers everything from gear suggestions when starting out, to how to kick start your business, the Do’s and Don’ts, branding, lighting, pricing, getting paid, etc. He also includes a collection of photos he’s taken throughout the book (sort of a visual intermission), as well as the story behind each of them.

It is definitely worth checking out. It comes in book or kindle format. I bought the kindle version because A, it was cheaper, and B, I didn’t want something else to lug around when I already lug around my tablet. 🙂

And if you haven’t heard of Zack Arias, check out his blog. It’s way better than mine 🙂

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