OK OK……just one more Stargate shot

I’m a big kid…

Plus my son was asleep, so I got to raid his toy box again muahahaha.

I had so much fun shooting the Stargate picture in the last post that I had to do it again….and with my Pocket Rebel 😉

So my setup shot was a little bit different than my first Stargate pic. This time I used two flashes. One behind the gate, blue gelled, set to 1/128th power in a 45 degree Grid. The second was also set to 1/128th power, but on the opposite side of the frame, also blue gelled, bouncing off the white foamcore board for a little fill. Triggered with pocket wizard plus x units. The gate effect was courtesy of cling wrap once again, but this time I wanted it to protrude through the gate like the special effects on the show when the gate is first activated.

The resulting image:

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