Shooting from the hip

Street photography outing with the Canon EOS M

shoot from the hip

Shooting a weapon while holding it really low, at hipline, as the name suggests. Usually done by only highly skilled marksmen, since aiming like that is very difficult.

I do love the EOS M. Its image quality, size, versatility, and inconspicuousness.

This past weekend my family and I took a trip to North Carolina to visit some friends. Everytime we go down there we end up shopping…or  to be more precise, my wife and her best friend end up shopping while us dads are left to baby duty (and doodie).

Since I knew of the inevitable, I figured it would be a great time to hit the streets with the EOS M.

While trying to remain inconspicuous, and getting candids of people in various places, I literally shot from the hip as the definition above suggests, and my weapon is a Canon. 😉

Shooting from the hip isn’t easy. I ended up with a lot of photos out of focus. I’m carrying my camera by the strap on my shoulder. The camera falls to about waist level. My right hand is resting on top of it, with my thumb on the shutter. When I see something interesting I want a shot of, I turn my body, so my right side is facing my intended “target”, half press the shutter to focus, and fully press to take a shot…all the while I’m looking off in another direction.

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Looking for a laugh

I will say shooting from the hip provides some interesting perspectives and framing.

Lost in a book

It’s kind of like me playing darts by trying to throw them at the dart board while looking in the opposite direction….I’m going to end up hitting something, but may not be my intended target. 🙂

Makin’ the move

People tend to tense up or look/feel awkward when they notice a camera pointing at them. Catching candids is like watching wildlife in their natural habitat, undisturbed.

“Sole” searching

The quiet shutter on the EOS M doesn’t make much of a sound that might otherwise alert someone that their picture was just taken.

Watching the world pass by
Got a little Captain in you?

And one of my son misbehaving at a restaurant, doing his Captain Morgan impression with a mouth-full of food…

and my favorite shot of the day….

Attentive Dad

This is our normal routine. The wives shop, and the dads are left to tend to the kids. Now, if I wasn’t standing up taking this shot, I would have been sitting down right next to them doing the exact same thing. Two dads, two kids, and no clue what’s going on….THAT would have made for a funny candid.

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