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Hatching a Blog

So I’ve been sitting on this domain account for over a year. I hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it…. Why? you ask? I could come up with an entire list of excuses ranging from my 2 year old son dominating my evenings and weekends, late nights at my job, house projects (if I ever start any of them), or my dog (if I had one) ate my keyboard.

The truth is, I’ve been lazy…and this wasn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list. I’m a typically private person. I don’t broadcast my every move and thought on the internet. I don’t use twitter, I don’t have an active facebook account….I’m not “plugged in” as most of the world it seems…..but things can change. The world is always in constant motion.

Of course now I’ve started a blog (or at least started getting some use out of a blog I had previously purchased). There may be hope for me yet…

What’s this blog going to be about? I have no clue…

I figured I would just wing it :-). Am I a professional photographer? Heck no… I’m a hobbyist that enjoys the art of photography. Do I get a perfect shot each time? Hell no…I may take 100 images….half of them I hate, most of the others I might be willing to show to others, but only have a small handful I’m really proud of. Does that mean all of the remaining images were sh*t? Not at all (most of the time). I usually go back through my RAW files a few months later and find “hidden gems” I missed the first time around. I’m very critical of myself…as the saying goes…”you are your own worst critic.”

So what is photography to me?

It’s subjective. My opinion can change depending on my mood, my current environment where I might be shooting, or whatever. Looking at a photograph is like going back in time….Not Doc Brown and Marty McFly in a tricked out Delorean…(88mph? Pffttt…please….we can do it in 1/8000th of a second with a memory card and battery….no plutonium necessary). Photography is about giving people the ability to peer into the past at a specific instance in time. To relive a moment from the past, maybe spark a memory. In that 1/whatever of a second shutter speed, a photographer captures a moment in time….frozen for all time more or less. Each image is unique. Photography is about giving your viewers images that draw them in, tell them a story, ignite memories, emotion, imagination, inspiration, (maybe sometimes perspiration). Our images tell stories, captivating the audiences.

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