Happy Holidays

A little holiday decorating fun

It’s been a while since my last post. Life seems to get in the way of all the fun!

Last year for our holiday cards, I thought it would be neat to have a fun picture on it…not the usual stand, pose, and smile for the camera. Well of course by doing that I set a precedence that my wife has decided should be done every year!


Fast forward to December 2014… Here it is, middle of the month, already halfway to Christmas, and we JUST now get our tree (a real Fraser fur…because fake trees just won’t do anymore). Needless to say I hadn’t even thought about any ideas for a photo.

Well….since we just got the tree, it needs to be decorated.

We decided to put the tree in our dining room near the window. I didn’t want a plain picture of us decorating. It needed to be fun!

I pictured my wife putting decorations on the tree, with my son helping. I, being the neglectful forgetful dad, seems to find whatever I’m looking at on my tablet much more interesting than realizing my son’s mischievous antics on trying to climb up to put the star on the tree.

The setup for this shot were 2 manual speedlites on a Phottix multi-boom, with a Phottix 36″ double folding umbrella as the light modifier. The lighting diagram should be pretty much self explanatory.











The photo was taken in 2 shots. The first shot involved my son’s balancing acrobatics of standing on Christmas decoration boxes in his attempt to put the star on the tree. In reality he was standing on a step stool, with my wife holding him from behind the tree so he didn’t fall. The second shot was of myself and my wife. The two shots were blended in Photoshop. I processed it with a slight vintage feel and vignette.

Wishing you a Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine!

Happy Holidays!


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