Where does the time go?

Same place my money goes…away from me. 🙂

I realized my last post was during the Christmas holiday.

Wow. Time has just been passing by like sand in an hourglass, trickling away whether you are watching it or not. I admit, I’ve been lazy as well. I get home from my day job, and all I have energy for is getting things together for the next work day, or if I’m lucky enough and it’s a weekend, doing things around the house. Either way it’s exhausting…

I’ve still been shooting, although sporadically. I haven’t been able to do any projects I’ve been wanting…and I have 2 at the top of my list. I won’t go into them for this post, but hopefully in the nearby future I’ll have some photos of a completed photo project.

So a few months ago, Mother’s Day was around the corner. I hadn’t bought a card yet for my wife. I didn’t want a cookie-cutter card that every other man was buying for their significant other. I decided to do a mini project, involving my son of course.

I left the wife to her iPhone/iPad, and went into our bedroom. I had setup a small light stand with an even smaller 9″ softbox I found on ebay for, I don’t know… $8. I didn’t need anything big, my subject matter was fairly small….my son’s hands.

Several snapshots later, I got what I needed. A little bit of time in photoshop, and I came out with a fairly decent, “home made” card, with my son spelling out “Love U Mom”. I also used a variation of the card for my own mom and my mother-in-law…hey, if I got it, I’m going to use it… Each card was still unique in the end.


Of course there was also a picture of my son, hamming it up for the camera (gummi bribed of course).


This was just taken with him standing next to a wall. I used the following equipment:

Fuji XT-1
Fuji 35mm f/1.4 @ f/4
ISO 200

speedlite @ 1/32 power
Phottix 36″ double folding umbrella

Fuji Classic Chrome color preset in camera. Minor tweaking in Lightroom.

But wait….there’s more!

Father’s Day soon follows Mother’s Day. I dug myself a hole…since I made custom Mother’s Day cards, I couldn’t skimp out on my Father’s Day card.

One of the days we were visiting my parents, I snapped this with my cell phone…

WP_20150626_20_59_56_Raw - Copy

Oh come on, now that’s just too easy… 😉

Went home, plopped my son on the couch. Set him up with glasses and an iPad, and he was just like “Pop Pop”.


Fuji XT-1
Fuji 23mm f/1.4 @ f/3.2
ISO 200

speedlite @ 1/16th power
32″ gridded softbox (which unfortunately, can be seen in the reflections on the picture frames…oh well).

Although I’m 1-2 months later (depending on your gender), Thanks to all of the mothers and fathers out there that have gone through Hell and back raising us kids (big and small). Probably the two hardest jobs in the world, and you go into it with no experience or training whatsoever, but also the most rewarding…( even though the perk package is a little on the weak side 😉 ).





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