We are the champions

Of the soccer field

Forgive me as it has been some time since my last post (that statement feels almost like I’m giving confession in church…).

In the time that’s past, there have been numerous playdates (for my son anyway), family outings, vacations, birthdays, etc. There never seems to be much of a dull moment. My son has a busier social schedule than my wife and I together.

Spoiled little brat.

So this past month or so he’s been playing soccer at the local recreation center. It’s called “First Kicks”, and it’s for 4 and 5 year old kids to get the basics of soccer, and just have fun running around a field kicking a soccer ball. There are no goalies, just two goals on opposite ends of a small field.

Gearing up for the game


My wife volunteered to coach, and a good thing she did too. The rec center was sorely limited on the number of volunteers that wanted to teach First Kicks. She was the only volunteer at first. Luckily one other person volunteered so they were able to have two teams.

Who wants to take to the field first?


It’s funny watching them play. Instead of staying within a designated zone and waiting for the ball to come to them, all of them swarm together and run after it. I think the hardest rule they have to learn is to not touch the ball with their hands. For the most part, they all seemed to do well.



I can say, however, unlike some adult sports, there seemed to be no ill will towards each other. No fighting. No sore losers. (Just the occasional accidental boo boo). Nothing but a bunch of kids having a great time, regardless if they score a goal in their own goal, or the other team’s. 😀 Not to mention the added benefit of wearing the kids out so when the game is over, it’s not long after that they are ready to sleep. The con to that is my wife is the same way, so no hope of me trying to score a goal after a game. 😉

And at the end of the season, win or lose (not that anyone was keeping score that I know of), everyone is a smiling, happy champion, with a shiny trophy to display proudly in their room.

We are the champions


My Fuji is not exactly a sports camera, but I made do with what I had. I actually ended up with the majority of the shots I took as keepers. Being that the games are played late in the evenings (6PM EST), it tends to get dark rather quickly, leaving me with either high ISO or slow shutter speeds. In the end, with photos like these, it’s not about trying to nail that perfect portrait. It’s about getting photos you can look back on and recollect, and see the great time you and your child were having. I call that a win.

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