Happy New Year

Happy New Year and warm wishes to all.

My son can’t quite handle his sparkling apple cider…poor little guy. 😉


One of my favorite photos of my son is the “Sweet Dreams” picture I took of him when he was 14 months old. I thought an “updated” photo using the same chair and lamp was in order as he is growing up. 🙂

I took a different approach than the sweet, innocent, sleeping child. With New Year upon us, I thought a light-hearted photo of him passed out from too much apple juice would do nicely.


The dollar store provided pretty much all I needed for props. the pile of confetti, hat, plastic wine glass, etc. were all $1 each or less.


My son has upped his fees for the new year. I used to be able to get away with gummi snacks to get him to cooperate. This time he asked for Hershey Kisses. I guess cost of living affects everyone. 😉

Fuji XT-1
56mm @ f/8
ISO 200
Streaklight 360 @ 1/4 power in a gridded 32″ softbox camera right from a boom.

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