Blizzard Jonas – Pew….Pew….Pew

Blizzard Jonas, like the pop rock group, has come and gone. It’s the first good snowfall we’ve had in more than a decade around here. Sure we’ve been pelted with ice storms that, while left the landscape looking like a beautifully sculpted crystal work of art, played hell with the power lines.

Between the constant barrage of snowfall and the heavy winds, we had well over 2 feet piled high on our steps and sidewalk.

It took a while to dig ourselves out.


fotor_(27)Even my son helped out clearing the snow. We had gotten him his own snow shovel, so he was excited to use it.



There was still time to play too. 😉


And when you are feeling the sting of boredom, break out the Lego sets!

Pew! Pew! Pew! The blizzard did leave the Rebels on the run…

I’m glad we didn’t lose power, although we had plenty of nights with our fireplace going so our heating system didn’t have to work so hard.

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