Road Trip Across North America!

Too bad it’s not me making the trip. (I couldn’t fit in the box).

However, I do have a stand-in. 🙂



I am a member of a great online forum for Fuji camera owners called Fujix-forum. Really friendly bunch. A big Fuji family.


The forum founder, Robert ….(and I don’t know his last name….DOH.), had the idea to take a vintage manual focus lens, and pass it around to various forum members. The idea was to use the lens for a week or so, snap some photos, and then upload them to the forum. It’s a great idea, especially to see how everyone uses the lens similarly, or differently, and the photos taken with the lens.


I have a few vintage Canon FD film lenses laying around, so I offered up my Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 lens to traverse across North America. Depending on how many people on this side of the globe sign up, the lens could be gone for well over a year or more. I thought I would add a little something to make it more interesting…


Danbo, a little figure known to many as Amazon’s little mascot for Japan, is hitching a ride! I’ve asked the forum members who have signed up for this lens “road trip” that, in addition to taking whatever photos they want, to also take a photo of this little guy so I can post it on this blog (with their name and website of course), detailing his adventures (or misadventures) as he tags along with the lens.


I put him in his best Fujifilm “shirt”, and I have since changed his name to Fujibo. 🙂


He is ready to go!



Packing things up.


Saying goodbye.

This was taken with the Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 lens as a matter of fact. @ f/2.8.

As things progress, I will have additional posts, so please stay tuned!






Fujibo and the Canon FD lens is currently making its way down to Cary, N.C. for their first stop in hopefully a long journey across the continent.



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