It’s a bird… It’s a plane….

It’s my Super Son.

It’s been a few months since my last post. I’ve been busy with my real job, which involved some travelling this Summer.

Anyway, we were visiting our friends in North Carolina. They just moved into their new house, as well as having a new child. So of course the wife needed to go see the baby, ooh and aah over the baby…. let the baby unload in her diaper at full force (more powerful than a locomotive) while she was holding her…. You get the idea.

Every time we go to visit, we always end up at this shopping area. It’s a beautiful area, but the one thing that always caught my eye were these old red telephone booths. Every time I’d see them, I’d say to myself “I’m going to get that into a shot.” And every time we would not have time.

This last visit was going to be different. I was bound and determined to get my shot.

We ran out of time. DAMN… it wasn’t any different…

Hell with it…on our way home, I made a slight detour, and headed back to that shopping area.

Normally in my posts, I have a diagram showing where my lights were, my subject placement, etc. I figure I would spice things up a bit, especially since one of my test shots just happens to incorporate everything I would in a diagram. 🙂

So here we go.

Of course when we got there, it was already noon. The sun was blaring overhead with harsh shadows. Luckily the side I was shooting on was getting blocked by the phone booth, so my son was in the shade. My wife was my voice activated light stand.

Crouching down so I was down to my son’s height didn’t quite work for me. It didn’t give off that super hero vibe.

So I got down on the ground. Literally… I was laying on the ground. I got up close and personal with a cigarette butt, some chewed up gum, and ants… Lots of ants…

I think the ants were taking hits off the cigarette butt, getting the munchies, and then chowing down on the gum. As long as they weren’t trying to take hits off me, we could peacefully coexist.


I think my son is finally getting the hang of when I say “Strike a pose!”



It was a really fast shoot. I think I took maybe 20-25 shots total. In and out. Faster than a speeding bullet you might say…

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