My name is Phillip, and I am a photography addict.

When I first started my my journey in photography (if you want to call it that), my first camera was a little 110mm camera. It was barely larger than the film that went into it, and I was probably barely bigger than the camera. Like any child, I took pictures of everything. Didn’t matter. It was just magical to get the film developed and see what came out of that roll of film. Over the years I had my share of various film cameras including manual, and automatic (I still have 3 Canon AE-1 film cameras). I finally broke down and bought my first DSLR in 2008. Landscape and city-scape photography were my go-to subjects at that point. When my wife became pregnant, and the birth of my son, I moved more towards portrait photography.

Landscapes and city-scapes used available light, so when I transitioned to portraits, I wasn’t too keen on continuing to use available light. I give props to those photographers that strictly use natural light, but I can sometimes be impatient and not want to “wait” for that perfect light. I want to be able to create it whenever I need it. So began my adventures in off-camera lighting using small hot-shoe speed-lights. Without an actual studio, I use whatever available space I have, and that sometimes ends up with creative ways to get things done. Problem-solving is one of a photographer’s key attributes.

My son used to be my sole model, but then we adopted a gorgeous little girl. Both work for cheap! (Candy), and like professional models, can be moody, horrible to work with, and at times, demanding. In other words…they are great practice! Watching them as they explores things for the first time….things we see as ordinary and uninspiring, are magical to these kids. Looking at things through their eyes inspires me to capture as many moments as I can.

This site is an outlet for me where I can share my experiences with photography as I delve further into this frustrating, expensive, but satisfying hobby. It’s a passion. I like sharing techniques I use so that others reading may gain some insight on what to do (or not to do). I’m sure those of you who read this may find some humor as I’m sure some of you have gone through the same trials and tribulations I have. 🙂



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